Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life Lessons

We all ask the question “what am I here for?” and shortly after try to answer the question in a day (or shorter for some). This is a question I have answered many times. Each time being a different answer lol. Some of us (definitely ME) like to try to figure everything out. Not just, “why am I here?” but… “Why am I here…if I’m here to do this, then how do I do it? where do I need to go? …Who do I need to ask? Once I’m done what do I do? …Is this really what I am here to do? Wait, was I wrong? …Should I start over? …And you get the picture. What ensues is a giant thought cloud that only hovers and makes for very gloomy days…

This summer, I am changing.

I don't have all the answers but...

I am learning to truly trust. To trust that there is good for me to have, that I have been given an amazing life altering message to share with the world, that, I have gifts to share, that I am truly loved, and it’s not conditional upon what I do or don’t do, I just am.

Trust can change you, you know? When hard times come it becomes very clear WHOM you trust and don’t trust. It is like an anchor for your heart. For a long time I had my anchor cast into my own heart but was convinced it was elsewhere. Even when I’d completely loose myself to frustration or fear in hard times, I was still convinced. But Trust does not produce fear. Now, that I have intentionally cast my anchor into the heart of God, I am changing.

Because I trust him, I can rest.

I don’t feel the need to spend hours in a thought cloud trying to figure out the “why’s” & “how’s” of life. Instead, I feel confident taking life day-by-day. I get excited about what each day will reveal and I am not afraid to make moves when I don’t know the answers.

 I guess that’s the thing about trust, huh? You’ve got to just fall backwards and know (keyword) that someone will catch you. We can’t catch ourselves.

Who will catch you?


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Update: Nashville

So, I know I've been a little M.I.A. lately but I promise I have a good reason. A very good one actually. I'm not sure if I've shared this with you but my hubby and I (and baby of course) moved to Nashville! ...for the summer.
No, this is not some fabulous country getaway either. Well, not intentionally. 
We are here for some ministry training because we are becoming missionaries! I know, I know, missionary-fashionista what? But it works for me! 

I am really loving Nashville so far! It is beautiful here. I am a big fan of nature and open spaces so I'm currently in awe. It's really great to have time to be with my hubby and other people with the same vision as us. We are learning so much!

The most impactful thing i've learned so far, is to discover and strengthen my natural abilities. We are all wired with natural talents. Some of us have yet to even discover what they are, let alone how to use them! So I'm really excited to continue growing and learning about how to do what I was made for.

What are your natural talents?
Would you like more Nashville updates?


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

want list
Every girl has a mental wish list that they add to continuously as they walk through the mall or surf the web. Actually, I guess I can't speak for every girl so let's just be plain, I do! I mean having a "wish list" really comes in handy when someone asks, "What you want for your birthday?" (mine is next week btw ;) ) Or if like me, you live on a (small) budget and you don't always get to splurge. Having a list helps you choose what to buy when you come across a little extra moolah. These are a few things I have spotted in my recent mall visits and screen shopping (internet so I couldn't say window lol). 

1. Floral Blazer
2. Leopard flats
3. White shift dress
4. EXTRA chunky/sparkly necklace
5. Silver Metallic Narrow toe pumps

These are just a few of my fashion crushes that I would love as staples in my closet.
What are you wishing for?


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