Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wishes

want list
Every girl has a mental wish list that they add to continuously as they walk through the mall or surf the web. Actually, I guess I can't speak for every girl so let's just be plain, I do! I mean having a "wish list" really comes in handy when someone asks, "What you want for your birthday?" (mine is next week btw ;) ) Or if like me, you live on a (small) budget and you don't always get to splurge. Having a list helps you choose what to buy when you come across a little extra moolah. These are a few things I have spotted in my recent mall visits and screen shopping (internet so I couldn't say window lol). 

1. Floral Blazer
2. Leopard flats
3. White shift dress
4. EXTRA chunky/sparkly necklace
5. Silver Metallic Narrow toe pumps

These are just a few of my fashion crushes that I would love as staples in my closet.
What are you wishing for?


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