Monday, June 3, 2013

Skirt & Stripes: Like a lady

Shirt-  Forever 21
Skirt- Forever 21
shoes- Jessica Simpson
necklace- Forever 21 & aldo

Something I've learned about life is that you've got to be intentional because time is not your friend!
Time does not wait for anyone. If you have a vision for the type of life you want to live, or for me, type of woman you want to be, then you'd better get started! We really do have the power to make things happen now. It always seems like there is something else we need to check off before we can get to the next step. What we really need to do is, "Just do it!" Our biggest obstacle is our own mindsets. We stop ourselves from being the most amazing "me" because we think we can't do it. We can though. We really can, all we need to do is start. You may not have your dream job, or be your best self by tomorrow, but if you start today you will be one step closer! So that's what I'm doing. Day-by-day I am taking steps to be the woman I want be and guess what? It's working! 
What steps can you take today?


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