Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's your type?

As promised I wanted to come and bring you guys some fit and styling tips.
 Styling and proper fit go hand-in-hand when it comes to creating different looks. You can style an amazing look but if it is not the proper fit for your body type, it will look horrible! So let's start there; with body types
There are four main body types:

Knowing your body type helps so much when deciding what wear. For example if you are well endowed up top, wearing crew neck or turtle neck tops will only enhance and draw more attention to the area. This generally can make you look larger than you are and just overall does not look good (in my opinion). Another example would be if you are pear-shaped and choose skinny jeans over a straight-legged jean. Skinny jeans can often make the pear shaped girl look larger because it ecentuates the hips and thighs which are already prominent for pear shapes.
Here are some detailed definitions so that you can find your body type!
Pear/triangle: The hips are wider than the shoulders. Usually have a smaller bust and a semi-defined waist. Can also have larger thighs and be a lil' (or a lot) bootylicious! (think beyonce; she's pear-shaped)
Apple/inverted triangle: The shoulders are broader than the hips. The waist line is slightly defined and usually (but not always) have a larger bust. Example; Jessica Simpson.
Hourglass: This is the most wanted shape although, I think they're all beautiful! This shape is when the shoulders and the hips are the same width. Also the waist is very defined.
Example; Kim Karshian
Rectangle: The waist and shoulders are about the same width but the waist is not really defined. Example; Victoria Beckham
What's your shape??
Post your comments below!
**If you would like to see a more detailed post on body types & what to wear for each type let me know!**

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