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How to wear a baggy shirt

how to wear a baggy shirt, pink shirt, button up, oversized

Baggy shirts can be so un-flattering. And sometimes we have no idea how to wear them. I am learning and have learned to be more imaginative with my clothing and to do more than what the hanger does for my clothes. Especially shirts! It is so easy to just take the garment as is, and wear it the way you found it on the hanger or mannequin. But lately I've been finding it so fun to play with my outfit and discover how I want to wear each piece. Once you get into it, you start to realize there are so many options. We seriously limit ourselves. You can really make any outfit exactly what you want it to be. Ultimately, you want to wear the clothes. You don't want the clothes wearing you! Here are some that tips that have helped me.

  Tuck it in                                                                                    
forever21, pink shirt, button up, tuck in, tucked in,

Tuck your shirts in people! It is seriously one of the easiest ways to change your whole look! Especially if you are wearing a skirt. It is so simple. I didn't think of this for a looong time. I'd just not buy the shirt or "let it all hang out." *Tangent* I also went to a middle school where it was required to tuck your shirt in and wear a belt. So, for a long time I LOATHED tucking my shirts in and even wearing belts. I'm actually still working on the whole belt thing lol For the sake of styling yes, I love belts. But on my leisure trip to the grocery store, It's not even an option! *Tangent over* Although, as I'm building my wardrobe, I've been holding close to this tip! Try it...seriously, right now. Tuck your shirt in! loll

Belt it

how to wear, oversized, pink shirt, belted, cinch waist

Wearing a belt can make all the difference. It shows off the shirt and also your figure. This look is super versatile too because their are so many types of belts to choose from and even more colors! Cinching your waist with a belt is perfect if you are going for a feminine look. I really am just getting into belts. Now that I've noticed how they can transform an outfit I seriously just want to start s belt collection. I feel so behind lol So if you know where to buy affordable belts of every kind let me know!

Tie it

forever21, pink oversized shirt, how to wear

I discovered this tip while surfing my favorite fashion blogs and I'm so glad I did! This is my GO-TO for long baggy shirts. I feel like tied shirts are so cute! For the longest time I just thought that people were buying tied shirts(and some were) but then I noticed that they were actually just tying their shirt. 

Styling your clothes is definitely an art form so don't be afraid to be creative with your clothing. Try new things, work with shapes and colors! Everyday I'm finding new ways to wear the clothes I have and I'm excited to share everything I learn with you! 

How do you wear baggy shirts?


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