Monday, April 22, 2013

Free or fake?

I was talking with a good friend last night and during one of my many tangents, I got to thinking about the idea of free vs. fake.

Are we living FREE or are we living FAKE? I begin to ask myself these questions to decide...
  • Do I find myself changing the way I speak or act depending on who I'm around?
  • Do I tell the truth when asked for my opinion?
  • How do I make decisions?
  • What has the greatest influence in my life?
  • Do I live the way I live just to "follow the rules" or because I really believe it is best for me? 
  • Am I content? 
  • Do the things I do bring me joy? 
  • Or am I just pleasing others? 
  • Do I lie to people? 
  • Do I say yes before thinking about what I'm committing to? 
  • Do I care more about keeping friends than I care about standing for what I believe in? 
  • Am I easily persuaded to do things I know I don't want to do? 
  • Do I speak from my heart or from memory? 
  • Do I know what I'm talking about or do I just want people to think I do? 
  • What is the motivation behind my goals and dreams?
These are just a few of the questions I ask myself, but I challenge you to check your heart also. Don't live a fake life. Be REAL with yourself and others because in the end, all of that faking won't matter.

Are you living FAKE or FREE?
Post your comments below!

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  1. Luke 6:45! If we're afraid to speak from the heart, we're ashamed of it. We shouldn't be afraid of what's good (Luke 9:26, Romans 1:16) -- and if there is something worthy of being ashamed over, time to confess it and ask for a heart-change! (James 5:16) <3 Being real is the only way to become and remain FREE!