Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

I gotta be honest. It is super irritating when people (mostly christians) turn their nose up at those who are well off (wealthy) or are trying to be. Like, what is the problem? I really don't see an issue with wealth, success, or prosperity. Those things in and of themselves are GOOD things. If someone got famous because of their voice, GREAT! If a person makes tons of money for walking down a runway, AWESOME! And if someone becomes well known and wealthy from PREACHING THE GOSPEL, that is AMAZING!! Seriously we have got to stop hatin' and stop being jealous of what other people have! If we were blessed with the same wealth or success of the people we look down on, we would not be complaining!


God is in control. If he decides that wealth and success is someone's portion, it's none of your business! If Kim Kardashian makes trillions of dollars for taking pictures, that is not for you to complain about. The earth is the Lord's and everything in it. NOT, the earth is yours(or mine) and everything in it. SO, whether the cash is flowing to your bank or Chris Brown's it is still God's and guess what? He has even more, he won't run out! (I don't see y'all hatin' on Dave Ramsey) You don't have to be a hater to show that you disagree with someone's lifestyle. Be a good steward of what you're given and mind ya business!

Be clear. I am not saying that money or success is everything. I am also not saying you should chase these things. BUT --I am saying it is okay to use your gifts and abilities to impact the world and if that brings wealth so be it. I am also saying it is a GOOD thing to succeed in life and you should desire to be excellent in everything you do. When you work in excellence, you excel(succeed) and people notice you(famous). It is a GOOD thing to desire to provide more(wealth) for your family to bless them with peace of mind. It is a GOOD thing to work hard, not because it can make you a lot of money but so that you build character. 

But what about being content in every season... 
Contentment does not = Complacency; look it up honey! The gift in contentment is that it allows you to have joy in every situation. If you are content you won't pant after dollar signs or throw shade on those who have more than you. Whether you're prospering or not, your heart is steady and secure. Content. This is not the same as being complacent, in which you are self-satisfied. When you are complacent you don't desire more, but not because you have joy and fulfillment. Instead, you are just too comfortable to move.

It is healthy to set goals and work towards them. I have goals I want to meet in every area of my life including my (family & I) finances, and when I meet my highest goal I hope I don't find some of y'all there --throwing shade. lol God knows what he is doing. We need to have a seat and let him do it!


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