Monday, April 15, 2013

Break Out.

Today has been a roooough day! 
Whew! I am exhausted already. ClassicBaby has been having some real trouble taking naps and It's wearing us both ouuut! Of course, the house is a total mess and because I have been trying to soothe ClassicBaby, I haven't gotten a chance to touch it. On top of that ClassicBoy and I are facing some very real pressure as the deadline to find partners for our ministry is coming quickly (and I do mean QUICKLY!) and we are nowhere near our goal. I'm also trying to work on a few other projects that have been dreams of mine for a long time. So, today I have been really feeling the weight of it all. 
Sometimes in life we just have a lot of things piled up and we can't always toss a few things off. Sometimes we have to endure. Especially when we are being held responsible. I'll admit at times I just want to quit (and sometimes I do). I will want to give up & run away. You, know move to another city and start over (which is actually just a clever form of procrastination). Life really does get difficult.


I am so glad I have a place to run when it does. That place is Jesus. I can honestly say, I have no idea where I'd be or what I may have done if it were not for him. My life would be completely destroyed if I had nowhere to go to relieve the pressure I feel at times. I have no idea how to handle the pains and pressures of life. I would be crushed by life. (btw just because you find something to distract you from the pain does not mean you have not been crushed.) I am so thankful to have found this place of rest and rescue in Jesus. I love that I can feel peace within moments of prayer. I almost broke down today. Im sure you mamas can relate. But in the midst of brokeness I remembered where my strength comes from and instead of breaking down, I BROKE OUT. I broke out into singing, I broke out into dancing, and I broke out in prayer.
Today I encourage you to BREAK OUT! Whatever the fog is that maybe covering your life, break out and live free!


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