Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ClassicLoves: March

Okay, Let's talk about what I'm loving this month! 

First up is Chevron.
 I am LOVE-ING me some chevron! It is so chic! Hey, you can't go wrong with a 2-4-1; Chevron works on your body and in home decor. Done RIGHT(keyword) Chevron can work for all body types. LOVE!

Next is royal blue.
This color is so electric! I love looking at it. Royal blue can liven up any plain outfit. It is the perfect pop of color! It also looks great on shoes and accesories(ie. bags, jewelry,scarves,etc.).

Chunky Chains.
Chains are so hot right now! I love the way they look against solid colors. I prefer the gold metal. It looks so classic to me. I feel like these are a definite must have!

Lastly, Arm parties.
What girl does not love sparkle? Arm parties, if you so choose, can be the ultimate sparkle to your outfit. They are also cool expressions of personality. I'm loving all of the creativity I've been seeing in the arm parties. Party on girls!

ClassiCourt xo

Post your insights, questions & comments below.

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