Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 10 Closet Essentials

Top Ten Essentials

There are essentials that every closet needs. These pieces are the foundation of our wardrobe. While it is great to be trendy and follow the new trends that come out each season, without essential pieces  you'll find yourself in style confusion. You will end up with a closet full of clothes that don't style well together; like I did. I discovered this accidental tragedy (drama) one day when I could not find anything to wear (seriously!). I was looking and looking to no avail. Then it hit me! None of my clothes make outfits. I had tons of beautiful, trendy, pieces but found it extremely difficult to put them together. I realized my closet was missing most of the foundational styling pieces. If you are experiencing the same dilemma or just need a closet makeover, try investing in some of these closet essentials! Here's my top ten:

1. Blazer: 
Great for wearing over any top and some dresses. 

2. Cardigan:
Also great for wearing on top of different shirts and dresses

3. White Button up:
This piece is very versatile. It can be worn over some tops, under sweaters, tucked in, left open, partially tucked, belted, etc.

4. Pullover:
Pullover's can be worn over button ups and also alone.

5. Jeans:
Buy jeans in different colors and styles to add variety to your closet. Don't just stick to your favorites be adventurous!

6. Colored Pants:
Different colored pants make all the difference seriously! I used to only wear jeans unless I had an interview or something then I'd wear dress pants. Doing this made all of my outfits look pretty much the same. Wearing colored pants has really given my style a refresher.

7. Casual dress/Skirt:
These are your everyday dresses and skirts. These are to be paired with cardigans, blazers, pullovers, button up, etc. They can also be belted.

8. Dressy Top:
Perfect for dressing up when you don't want to wear a dress.

9. Little Black Dress:
Every girl needs one!

10. Accessories:
DO NOT forget to accessorize! Sometimes accessories are all it takes to pull a look together.


Post your insights, questions, & comments below! 

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