Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ohhhh! That Kiss!

So today I was doing my daily read of she reads truth (check it out), and it really hit home for me.
Today's reading was from Matthew and it was the story where Judas betrays Jesus. If you aren't familiar with it let me set it up for ya:

One of your best friends sets you up to get jumped by your boyfriends ex-girlfriend. You and some friends were at your normal hangout spot when she shows up. She walks up does the normal "Omg, you look so great!" *Kiss* *Kiss* 


Maaad people jump out of nowhere and beat you to a pulp...

Now, I'm not sure about y'all but... I'm not really sure how I would handle that situation. I know for a FACT, we would no longer be friends and I'd have to fight really hard not to lose it the next time we met. Honestly, I'd probably just lose it. Now to take our minds even further, imagine that you knew about the plan before your friend even showed up? I personally get upset even thinking about something like this..

But Jesus reacted differently.

With full knowledge of the way Judas would betray him, even at their first meeting, Jesus chose love. He loved Judas, prayed for him, and called him "friend."

How many times have we written people off, talked bad about them, and have even purposefully hurt them after betrayal? Could we still love someone even after they have hurt us? Have we even tried? This thought really challenged me today and made me think about how selfish I can be with my definition of friend. Although betrayal hurts, we can't act like we have not done the same things to others!

Betrayal is a hard thing to forgive. Good thing we know someone who forgave us.

ClassiCourt xo

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  1. So true! I need to let that sink in a little... Thanks for posting this!

  2. No problem! I'm glad you found it helpful and encouraging! :-)

  3. This is good! let us aim to love like Jesus even if it hurts. ! Great Post.

  4. Absolutely, let us truly work at having his heart for others. thanks for reading!