Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Note to self: RELAX!

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, being a wife is not what I expected...
You still here? Okay good.

I don't say that to say it's horrible, but it's simply not what I expected. Let me be clear...
What I expected was: to spend my days cleaning and decorating from the latest Martha Stewart catalog.  I'd prepare every single meal for ClassicBoy from SCRATH three times a day. The house would never be a mess, and I'd host dinner parties once a week to introduce my latest creation. I would ALWAYS look hot, always. I would stay dressed like the latest edition of Vogue, and my hair and make-up would be flawless! I'd work out at least five times a week. I would cater to ClassicBoy constantly and never get tired, ever. I'd do all of this while working and being a full-time student. From the moment ClassicBoy got home from work, I would wait on him hand-and-foot. We would have a candle lit dinner every night after which we'd slow dance to smooth jazz and... Need I go on?


Sorry, I had to take a moment to laugh because that right there ^^^ is hilarious!
Boy was I in for a ruuuude awakening! All of you singles who are expecting the same thing I hope that just shattered your frame of thinking because being a wife, is NOT like that.

It is SO MUCH more.

One of the greatest things I have learned in marriage is to RELAX. Yes, breathe and relax with all those expectations. Expectations when reasonable AND communicated, can be a really great thing for any relationship. On the other hand expectations that are unreasonable and not communicated will destroy any relationship.

Your spouse(future or present) is not expecting you to be perfect and you should not expect that of your spouse or self either. We are NOT PERFECT! I mean not be a extremely long shot, and that's ok.  
It is okay to be flawed.

That was such a hard thing for me to accept but I am so glad I did. Now, I am more able to receive both correction and encouragement without pride creeping in.

Next time you feel your inner psycho-perfectionist trying to make a scene, tell her to have a seat and RELAX.

ClassiCourt xo

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